dealing with heartbreak

So i was recently kindly ejected from the love of my life’s, life. If that made sense? Anyways so she told me that we were good for each other for the year and four months that we were together..but now we just weren’t what each other needed any more. That she felt like I meant to love her, but I didn’t really.

To be completely honest I think she is crazy but that is beside the point. What I’m getting at is that people are going to break your heart in attempt to protect their own, or because they are not emotionally there. Because everyone has wounds and issues or problems that they have to deal with. So we as fellow humans, ¬†or the majority of us feel as if we need to be there to help our friends and family, and occasionally even strangers through a tough time.

How you address your wounds however is very critical. I found that I have to keep myself busy, occupying almost every minute of every day. After giving over a year of your life to somebody, it is very difficult to let go of them. Most of all, it is excruciating seeing them with someone else almost immediately after yall have separated. But it’s how you respond to these tough things that build you up and make you a stronger individual.


watching movies with the sound off

The best way I can describe it, is watching other people acting and portraying the human emotions.that we experience in our life times. Whether it’s an inspirational film about how pouring your blood, sweat and tears into something that you love or want to work for. Then seeing the wanted outcome, the winning of a basketball championship. Or something that reaches out and grabs the hopeless romantics. The love story of the boy not giving up on the girl of his dreams even though she is with another guy. Seeing his heartache as she loves another guy, to the point where you can read his facial expressions, his bod language Portraying the words he can’t say.

so try it one day, watch it with you’re favorite movie first. Then watch other ones, and feel the human emotions, the sympathy towards other people.Knowing that you aren’t the only one that feel those things.